Corporate Logo & Slogan

It’s the character of our identity.
It’s the essence our values.

LYL logo is illustrated with two Chinese characters, ‘心’ (xīn) as in ‘Heart’ and ‘川’ (chuān) as in ‘Rivers’ in place of the Chinese idiom “海纳百川,有容乃大” – A heart with the capacity of the ocean, tolerates all matters like the ocean holds up the streams of hundred rivers.

Heart also represents a pure genuine sincerity towards employees, customers and society while providing progress on the quality of life in a number of ways.

Our slogan, ‘FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS TO GREAT VENTURES’ expresses how we begin to reach this stage. It is with the humble heart at the beginnings of all opportunities that turned them into great ventures.

We value every opportunity that comes our way and pledge with our hearts to perfect each opportunity we received. But what we valued the most are the people who without them, there is no today.

Everyone has a heart, so use it with pride. Hearts are all over our company and hopefully they go beyond.
LEE YOU LONG, LYL Ventures Group Founder.